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2017 HFAM / LifeSpan Conference

2017 Conference Registration Now Open – early registration fee expires – August 23

There is so much new for you at this year’s conference, you don’t want to miss it.

6 Excellent General Sessions

Charting the Course through Demographic Change – 10/24 – 8:45am
Explore the common-sense, but very counterintuitive and fascinating realm of demography. Let Ken Gronbach bring you into his world of counting people. What nations are demographically doomed? How will the workforces change? What is the future of communications? How will our children’s children get their education? Will big data change marketing and branding forever? What is the fate of mass media? What countries and continents are demographically positioned to excel?

Bringing The Next Level Of Cross-Continuum Care To Our Communities and Residents – 10/24 – 2:15pm
Electronic health record systems go a long way to helping us capture our services and revenue, increase our team effectiveness, and give us the information we need to improve. But if we stop there, we miss one of the most impactful benefits of EHR technology. That is, engaging with our care partners in more effective, efficient, and accurate clinical and operational work flows.

Regulatory General Session: Update on the Activities of the Office of Health Care Quality – 10/25 – 8:00am
An examination of the regulatory issues affecting skilled nursing and post-acute care. Dr. Nay will provide an update on the activities of the Office of Health Care Quality and review regulatory issues facing skilled nursing facilities and assisted living programs as observed by the agency.

General Session A: Regulatory and Legal Update for Skilled Nursing – 10/25 – 9:15am
A discussion of both federal and state regulatory changes and review of the various enforcement initiatives that are in effect and those coming down the pipe. This session offers a regulatory and legal viewpoint and focuses on how providers can position themselves for changes within the framework of the regulations and law.

General Session B: Assisted Living Regulatory Update – 10/25 – 9:15am
A in-depth review of the top regulatory issues facing assisted living providers as seen through the eyes of Maryland regulators.

Are You Transitioning or Transforming? – 10/25 – 12:30pm
The demand for change will continue to be the constant driving force for communities and facilities to take performance to a new level and remain competitive. What does it take to have sustainable change in your organization? Suggesting new ideas and then hoping those ideas are implemented will not yield the desired results.

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